Due to media rights or government internet restriction, live streaming and delays of Wang Lao Ji BWF World Championships 2013 are not available in the following countries until 12 August 2013:

– Brunei
– Canada
– Germany *delays available
– Hong Kong
– Macau
– Malaysia
– United States
– Caribbean countries (http://goo.gl/py5fgf)

Live streaming and delays of this event are not available in India until 12 February 2014, and in Russia until 12 August 2014.

Highlights from Round 16 onwards are available worldwide except:

– Brunei (available 12 August 2013 onwards)
– Malaysia (available 12 August 2013 onwards)
– India (available 12 February 2014 onwards)
– Russia (available 12 August 2014 onwards)

Check your local channel listing for more broadcast of Wang Lao Ji BWF World Championships 2013.

The most prestigious tournament in Badminton, competing as individuals in five events—Men’s and Women’s singles, Men’s and Women’s doubles, and Mixed doubles, the last man (men) standing will be conferred the World Champion(s). First held in 1977 and originally held every two years, the World Championships has since 2003 been held every year except the Olympic years, where the winner of the Olympic title is considered the ‘world champion’ in all but name.

The 2013 edition of World Championships will be the second time for China Badminton Association to host, taking place 5 -11 August 2013 in Guangzhou. The Championships will be held at the 10,000 capacity TianHe Indoor Gymnasium and will see approximately 400 of the world’s top players representing five continents competing for the title of World Champion.