Astrox 88s Tour Badminton Racket

The Astrox range has been developed for players looking for power and a strong smash.

The badminton rackets in this range are equipped with NAMD technology, which allows the nanomaterial to be attached directly to the graphite fibre so that the shaft can store energy and redistribute it at impact.
The result is a powerful and explosive hit.
Be decisive in the frontcourt with the Yonex Astrox 88S Tour (3U-G4) racquet and its offensive and versatile profile! Stiff and head-balanced, this racquet remains precise and manoeuvrable with a measured balance for better net control. The stiff shaft is designed to increase the aggressiveness of your shots.

The Rotational Generator System (RGS) is the flagship technology of the Astrox racquets. It eliminates the feel of the head balance while providing maximum offensive contribution through the application of counterbalance theory. In addition, a new process has been introduced to slightly increase the sweetspot and allow greater string movement while promising durability and lightness: Volume Cut Resin.
In terms of frame shape, this Yonex racquet continues to rely on the Aero+Box Frame for the perfect combination of feel and aerodynamics, while the Solid Feel Core process will reduce vibration for greater comfort.

At the shaft level, the slim Extra Slim Shaft acts as a repellent and aerodynamic shaft for maximum efficiency. Inside the shaft, Namd Technology and Rexis material (made in Japan) tightly bind nano-materials to carbon fibres to improve the power of your shots and the feel. 


Finally, the Energy Boost Cap Plus allows you to adapt the performance of the shaft according to the type of hit you are making. On the one hand, it increases the flexibility of the shaft for total power, on the other hand, it guarantees a very good control of the wheel by stabilizing the shaft.

The Astrox 88S Tour is a versatile shaft that is ideal for doubles players who like to play at the net. The Astrox 88S Tour is a perfect match for the Astrox 88D Tour with its much more offensive and powerful profile for the big hitter.


Astrox 88S tour

WEIGHT4U 82g  – 3U 85g (± 2g)