Yonex Duora z-strike Badminton Racket

Marketed since September 2015, the Yonex Duora range is characterised by an original concept of a racket with a variable action depending on the face used. Thanks to a system of fusion of different materials in a single frame, and a work of aerodynamics different from one side to another, the Duora has a sense of use favoring for example power or maneuverability.

Control the exchange, conquer the titles: with the Yonex Duora Z-Strike, the world’s number one badminton equipment manufacturer offers a new prestigious frame to its Danish muse Viktor Axelsen. The Z-Strike is the queen of the Yonex Duora range and has a profile that is consistent with the Scandinavian prodigy’s playing style. Very stiff shaft and compact head for maximum precision from first to last point.

Neutral balance for an optimal balance between attack and defence, and still the Dual Optimum System concept for a racquet with evolving faces: the Duora Z-Strike surfs on the essence of modern badminton tactics, to suffocate the opponent on the court.

Initiated in 2015, the Duora series features an innovative secret weapon: the Dual Optimum System. By merging two different materials and racket head geometries, Yonex Duora rackets offer different advantages depending on which side is presented to the shuttlecock. On the forehand side, take advantage of the Nanometric DR, a very dense, durable carbon that increases both repulsion and accuracy. The Box geometry completes this technical profile with greater stability.

WEIGHT3U-G4 88g (± 2g) 

On the backhand side, the Ni-Ti fibre (for Nickel and Titanium) is more forgiving and provides more comfort in a delaying situation with short strokes. The Aero geometry further enhances the ability to hit deep into the opponent’s court with more aerodynamics. The latest addition to the Duora range also has an exclusive feature: the Duora Grommet, a grommet covering 8 holes in the string pattern, with two different faces inspired by the Box and Aero geometries. The two sides of the grommet are thicker or thinner to match the variable geometry of the racquet head, with the thinner side offering more elasticity and comfort and the thicker side maximising repulsion and control.

Another innovation is the Hyper-MG, an evolution of the Ex-HMG found on the Voltric Z-Force II and Nanoray Z-Speed. It is placed in the lower part of the racquet to provide greater elasticity and more speed to the racquet head. The Horizontal-A concept, with a horizontal grommet placement at the sweet spot, maximizes the width of this ideal impact point for more touch and power.

Surgical precision, devastating power: it’s your turn to dictate the pace of play and win!


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